Menu Profit Solution

Know your food & beverage costs to the plate and glass level


Here's Why It's Awesome

Easy To

The Menu Profit Solution tool is designed to be simple for all to use. Step-by-step guided user experience gives your team and you a fuss-free menu profit analysis.

Real-time Menu Profit Analysis

We let you create new menus and you will instantly know your menus' profitability, enabling you to adjust your food prices or reduce food ingredients costs.

30 Years of Restaurant Experience

Our team can assist you in identifying less profitable items on your menu right now

Learn Your Costs

The biggest problem restaurateurs face is knowing how to price their menus for profitability, we provide the solution to stop the loss from vendors, customers and staff.

The Complete Platform For Your Restaurant Business


  • Food and beverage costing to the plate and glass level

  • Cost percentages easily understood

  • Reports as menus

  • Historic vendor cost tracking

  • Menu printing from the app

  • Recipe archive

  • Easy organization: categories on the ingredient, batch, and recipe levels


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